Robert Fiske

Robert E. Fiske

CEO & Wisdom Curator

Robert Fiske

Real leaders talk openly about their failures. They never hide from them, because they know that’s where the best learning comes from."

—Robert E. Fiske

(As quoted in the book “Real Influence” by Mark Goulston & John Ullmen.)

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Robert’s passion is working with chief executives, both collectively and individually—serving as wisdom curator, CEO convener, facilitator, confidant, coach and chaplain—helping presidents and CEOs increase performance, deepen personal fulfillment, and achieve the life and legacy they desire.

Robert has been bringing chief executives together since 1995, creating gatherings and communities—local and global—where presidents and CEOs find a source of regeneration, clarity and leadership mastery through candid dialogue with their peers and with nationally acclaimed visionary thinkers and best-selling authors.

Prior to founding the Chief Executives Guild in San Francisco and relocating it to Portland, Oregon in 2013, Robert founded the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island in 2006, where he convened monthly CEO meetings and facilitated confidential CEO round-tables.

In 2012, after transferring leadership of the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island to the president of RI College, Robert spent the better part of a year in a leadership role within one of the world's largest membership organizations for founders and CEOs of small businesses, where he advised and coached new and experienced peer advisory group leaders in CEO-peer advisory board member selection best practices.

Robert has also been the CEO of an enterprise solutions software company and served as a wisdom curator and convener in two Fortune 100 companies, where he created and directed World Business Leader Forums around the globe, which brought many chief executives of multi-billion dollar corporations together to share ideas, gain insights about key issues and discuss global business challenges.

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